Heron Companions

Heron Companions

“I was leery at first, to say the least, of having a stranger in my home taking care of my mother. But once I spoke with Heron all my worries evaporated!” Joe O.

“I met with several agencies prior to hiring Heron. I was able to choose the hours of service I needed, as opposed to having to stick to a steady schedule the other agencies provided. My job requires a lot of flexibility and last minute calls. I’m so happy with my decision!” Alex K.

“I love the fact that Heron’s office staff is so accommodating and friendly. Each time I have called with a question or to make a scheduling change, it was handled promptly without any issue.” Anna T.

“With my previous agency I would have caregivers not show up for their shifts or even receive a call from the office letting me know not to expect them! Thank goodness I made the change to Heron and now I feel at ease.” Bernice L.

“When my father’s dementia was getting a little too hard for me to handle alone, I had to make a decision: nursing home or in-home help. My father was adamant about not leaving his home, so I began to interview several agencies. I was very impressed with the services Heron’s offers and the training their caregivers receive. It has been two years since then; seeing my father happy and cared for, I know I made the right decision!” Mary S.